Procrastination: Helping businesses succeed tomorrow (day after or someday)


You’ve done it consciously, subconsciously and semi-consciously.
Heck everyone has experienced it at some point. So, here’s a closer look
at the kind of procrastination that most businesses deal with every other day.

1. Where’s Marketing? Ok…We’ll have to push the meeting.
Basically when we procrastinate because the right people are not physically available. Imagine a marketing head trying to sign-off on a marketing campaign without the communication and finance heads being present? Though their expertise or approval is required, the chances of all stakeholders being present at all meetings are slim to none. Today businesses are all about teamwork and team decisions and not siloed decision making processes. Making decision making that much harder.

And the result is?
Ignoring specific email chains as they have endless discussions. People dozing off in meetings because they know that certain decision will not taken at that meeting. And they’ll probably have to do it all over again.

2. When do you need it? Umm… Whenever. No hurry!
Often we procrastinate because time limit within which a decision has to be made is not specified. It’s kind of like playing chess without a time limit vs. playing blitz chess. For most businesses time is always a critical factor if not ‘the most’ critical factor. The first step is deciding if you want to be first or you want to be the right or you if want to be a bit of both.

What ends up happening?
Scrolling through your Facebook. Catching up on technews. Watching a couple of Youtube videos. Even though you’re always on your computer you don’t achieve much.

3. OMG! So much to do. Let’s finish this first.
Another form of procrastination we fall victims to is called Priority-dilution. It’s when we delay the day’s most important tasks by allowing our attention to shift to less important but more recent ones. For example you pay attention to today’s email rather than a more important email you received 2 days ago. We’ve all done that at some point. Hence, it’s no secret that Prioritization is one of the keys to achieving business goals.

What ends up happening?
Delivering on everything but still not achieving the desired results. There are more last minute panic responses rather than showing our true potential.

So is taking quick decisions really a losing battle? Neither can businesses do business without collaborating across teams and georgraphies. Seeing this impending doom, the folks at BlueFlock decided to turn this problem into an opportunity. After all, if bussinesses of today are to become businesses of tomorrow they need to embrace the tools for tomorrow. And the BlueFlock App is just that. It helps businesses of all sizes collaborate across geographies and connects them in real-time. All the time.

Simply put, if you feel that you or your business would like to to connect, collaborate and conquer you business goals, download the BlueFlock Premium at And bid adieu to procrastination once and for all.


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