Meetings – the black holes of productivity


How often have you stepped out of a meeting wondering what exactly was the purpose and the outcome? or worse, wondering how can you get back that time of your life. Meetings are meant to be engines of productivity and are supposed to deliver consensus and decisions, but often achieve the exact opposite. People talk, ideas appear and disappear without any tangible outcome or follow up. If you are in middle management, you likely spend 35% of your time in meetings. If you are in senior management, that number increases to 50%. But research reiterates what we already know – meetings end up being about as valuable as a snapchat post – yet, more than 15% of your organization’s time will be spent in meetings this year and the number is increasing every year.

I often wonder – if meetings are counter intuitive, why is the trend taking us towards more of them? Over $37 Billion will be wasted this year on unproductive meetings. Any other such waste would be treated as a huge hazard sign for business. The meeting whisperers (Biz gurus) suggest the below steps to ensure more productive meetings :

  • Schedule shorter meetings
  • Draw outcomes – What you want to achieve at the end of the meeting ?
  • Have set agenda in advance
  • Share supporting material in advance
  • Qualify the attendee list by asking “ Is this person’s time and input absolutely required?”
  • Start and end on time
  • Use video conferencing tools because most remote callers are completely out of tune and you can’t pick up body language cues which are 80% of all communication.


You get the point, basically go against all your instincts and you might achieve meeting nirvana! BUT! what if there’s a better way? What if connectivity and decision making were not dependent on a gathering of the minds in a room or a conference call? What if idea sharing, debates, exchange of information, and true collaboration were a constant, real-time exercise? What if this kind of collaboration can be bred into the DNA of your business?

Building the answers to such questions is what motivates us at BlueFlock. Connect with your teammates, collaborate on objectives by sharing ideas, documents, media and more, conquer your business goals. All this from the comfort of your smartphone and above all “IN TIME” “ON TIME in Real time always.

Say hello to BlueFlock for your business and say RIP to those boring, unproductive meetings!

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