How BlueFlock’s solution for India’s leading emergency services turned out to be a real life-saver.


GVK-EMRI uses BlueFlock for real-time team collaboration

When it’s a matter of life and death there can be no compromises. And living this adage is EMRI, India’s leading emergency services which carries out the awesome mandate of saving 36,000 lives every day. EMRI manages a fleet of 12,000 emergency vehicles across 17 states in India and this includes some of the semi-rural and remote areas in the country.
No mean feat by any yardstick. A service where human life is at stake and amongst other things, carrying the patient or victim through the golden hour. In fact, the Golden Reach is the core of GVK_EMRI and calls in for an optimized emergency readiness in terms of holistic ambulance maintenance, proper functioning of emergency equipment, comfort, reliability and hygiene standards – in short the rolling stock needs to be functioning with zero-error and 100% precision.
This set us thinking – In a scenario where perfect fleet management and team coordination impacts human life, real-time team collaboration assumes great significance. In fact, it is the core. What if we were able to make every minute truly count for the committed EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) of EMRI? What if the EMRI teams across locations and hierarchies were always on the same page and able to address emergencies in an instant with zero-error? And what if we created a single workspace where this data converged on to one singular and the most easy to access workspace – the smartphone?
It was enough to get us going…
Today, BlueFlock’s solution enables EMRI’s workforce to connect, collaborate, share, collect data and ensure speedy and successful case closures. Effective team collaboration transformed into a zero-error, simple and powerful way to ensure efficiency. Not only did EMRI’s workforce achieve zero-error collaboration, working from the smartphone erased the barriers of paper protocols, geographic distances and hierarchy structures.
Need to check the readiness of emergency equipment in a remotely located ambulance? Need an approval for an immediate purchase of emergency equipments in the van? Need to locate the nearest EMT to the nearest parked Van? Need to locate the nearest hospital from the victims place? No problem. With BlueFlock, teams collaborate with information, approvals and emergency decisions in real-time.
We also ensured that the smartphone workspace is not cluttered – at any point in time the user sees only the data that is relevant to the situation. Similarly, team collaboration through the golden hour has enabled quick, successful case closures. Another life saved; another instance of inspiration for us.
At BlueFlock, we believe technology is all about being simple and relevant to everyday life. Our partnership with EMRI reiterates this thought. It’s inspiring to know we are aligned on the right path to conquer.

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