BlueFlock App Redefines Team Collaboration Experience With Goal Oriented Tasks


There is Communication, there is contextual communication and then there is collaboration. Most of the communication productivity tools available in the market today, which enable a structured process of information relaying among teams with a context, call themselves as collaboration tools. But is it really collaboration? The first thumb rule of any collaboration effort is to know, – what the goal is. If there is no goal, then any collaboration will only result in a chaos of information relaying, or simply put communication. Any contextual communication helps to define the work parameter for team collaboration, but defining a goal, sets the team in the right path of collaboration.

This is where the BlueFlock App enables the necessary shift from the basic and contextual communication of a collaboration process to a ‘ goal oriented collaboration ‘ process. Business objectives cannot be merely contextual. Every collaboration effort has to have a tangible mission defined as a goal and a deadline to achieve the same. The BlueFlock App attempts at redefining the entire collaboration productivity space, by shifting the perspective from being contextual to being goal oriented. As businesses require a goal oriented collaboration for delivery and not just mere contextual communication.

P Kiran Raju, CEO of BlueFlock Technologies, says, “As a business or a project owner you exactly know how many projects are active, what the goal of each project is and what phase of completion is each of your Project in. Just imagine the power of this information. By converting all your projects and daily business tasks into a goal oriented collaboration effort with due dates, the BlueFlock App not only channelises your entire team’s effort in the required direction, but also instantly boosts your team productivity on projects and the day-to-day business tasks.”

Businesses need focus and access to quantifiable processes. Context to a communication or collaboration does set a pre-text stage, but a goal with a due date defines a more tangible way forward to a team collaboration effort. The BlueFlock App is redefining the core of Team Collaboration experience for businesses today, by converting every business communication effort in to a goal oriented collaboration workspace.

The BlueFlock App is a goal oriented Team Collaboration productivity tool for daily business tasks. It’s free to download and available on iOS, Android and Windows App stores. For more details log on to



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