Task Collaboration made SIMPLE, POWERFUL, PERSONAL
Connect, Share and Collaborate on BUSINESS activities
Collaborate on projects
Efficient work days with your Smart Phone

BlueFlock Mobile App

Its free. Download it now.

Experience the new way to Collaborate.

BlueFlock Mobile App

Its free. Download it now.

Its Powerful, Simple and Personal.

BlueFlock Mobile App

Its free. Download it now.

Connect, Share and Collaborate on Tasks

BlueFlock Mobile App

Its free. Download it now.

The worlds most powerful Task Collaboration tool

BlueFlock Mobile App

Its free. Download it now.

The awesome Task Collaboration App

Built exclusively for a Smart Phone user, the BlueFlock App is the most powerful Task Collaboration App you have ever come across. Simple yet powerful, you can collaborate endlessly on infinite tasks. Discover how.

Create as many number of New Tasks

Invite nearing to 100 Participants per Task

Set Schedules for Tasks

Set Reminders for Tasks

Check Realtime Task Updates based on Timelines or Criticality Status

Multiple filters to Search & Prioritise Tasks

Collect and share still images with your attestation

Collect and share Voice Notes and Video Notes

Sketch or create your Doodle Notes and share them

Use the Universal QR and Bar Code Scanner to gain encrypted information

How power and awesomeness work together

BlueFlock Mobile App works as your personal tool for Task Collaboration. The user interface is so simplified that the complexity of any task is easily managed by just a few taps. A quick glance at how you can use this awesome tool.

How to Install

First You need to create an account on your Smart Phone with IOS App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Store or BlackBerry App World
Check for BlueFlock in the Applications Search
Click on Install to download the BlueFlock Mobile App on to your Smart Phone
Feature Image
Feature Image

How to Register

BlueFlock Mobile App can be easily registered with your Mobile Phone Number
As soon as you click open the BlueFlock Mobile App, it prompts you to enter your Name and Mobile Number
To verify your mobile number the BlueFlock Mobile App sends you a 4 digit security code through the messaging services of your mobile phone operator
You will require to key the 4 digit security code to get your personal Task Collaborator Tool activated

How to Collaborate

Once your Task Collaborator is activated, you can create new tasks based on your preferential activities and projects
Invite people from your Smart Phone Address book to collaborate on Tasks
You can directly send invites using phone’s messaging services to invite friends, colleagues or family who are not on the BlueFlock Mobile App
You can create as many new tasks and invite as many people you want on tasks
Feature Image
Feature Image

How to make Collaboration effective

You can schedule Start, Finish and Update Status Reminders
You can tag the criticality of the Task update
You can filter the tasks based on Time, Date & Criticality
Share Voice Notes, Video Notes and Still Images with your design or Signature Attestation
Make your own notes, doodle or write down Self To Do Lists with reminders

Screenshots of BlueFlock Mobile App

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Now that you know about our powerful Task Collaboration Mobile App, here is more. If you need to ramp up your existing task collaboration into an intelligent process management or bring all your Enterprise resources - people, machines and things - onto one platform, check out our other offerings on the BlueFlock Platform.

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