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BlueFlock Task Collaboration App

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Simple & Powerful

BlueFlock App empowers all your professional Task Collaborations and yet using it is amazingly SIMPLE. With friendly and intuitive design and an intelligent interface, you will discover how effortless and effective team collaboration can be. Thoughtful inclusions such as One -Touch Features, Instant Task Creations, Unlimited Participants and Unlimited Collaboration across 25 data types is just what you need to take Task Collaboration to the next level.

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Achieve your Goals

All features and updates of BlueFlock App are built to help you achieve your goals easily.Not only does all your task-related activities have pre-set goals, the App is context-driven with a “start” and a “closure” to every Task. Other than having your teams on the same page, you are creating open channels for projects, group chats and activities in one place, and achieving Closures in a focused, context-based, result-oriented environment. All you have to do is set a Context, select your Participants from your Smartphone’s address book, define your due Timelines and get going!

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Realtime Task Control

BlueFlock App’s intelligent functionalities are built to help you control, manage and troubleshoot on multiple activities through Updates and Features. It ensures fool-proof accuracy, zero data loss and realtime approvals on your Tasks. For example, the App’s Realtime Status Updates comes with a Time and Geo-Location Stamp, which puts you virtually on- location of your field and operating staff!This universal visibility drives productivity and efficiency across teams and helps achieve Task goals effortlessly.

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Wonderfully Integrated

BlueFlock App integrates with the top Storage Services like Google Drive,Dropbox, Box, OneDrive with many more soon to be added. This is apart from accessing internal storage from your Smartphone Gallery. So simply tap to access any of your files in the above mentioned Storage Services and integration happens right on your BlueFlock App! Just open your free Account on any of the mentioned cloud based Storage Services. It’s one hub for endless Task Collaborations!

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Mobile First Strategy

Robustly built and enabled for the Smartphone, BlueFlock App is the only App that democratizes usage and functionality across various levels of user base, with just ONE MOBILE NUMBER. It includes all participants you wish on a Task, even those who may not have an email ID! Measurable Task Collaboration across hierarchy is achieved through this one simple and powerful App. Every professional or an enterprise can achieve realtime, goal oriented Task Collaboration and drive productivity.

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Update your Tasks with Rich Content



Demonstrating BlueFlock App’s “simple and powerful” proposition, this functionality allows you to continue updating your Tasks in sync with your set Timelines even if you are not connected to the internet! The OFFLINE Update continues to record the time of your updates, which is then shared with all your Task participants.



Task-related Still Images can be uploaded in realtime, thanks to the SMARTSNAP Update. That’s not all – You can write notes on the image, attest or get attestations from your customer/team member/vendor in the form of digital signatures and save the image in the Task Updates. Accuracy is ensured through the time, location and upload time of the particular Task that appear along with the image.

The SMARTSNAP does NOT allow users to access images from their Smartphone Gallery or the internet, making it fool-proof , tamper-proof and accurate.



Untether and integrate with your teams across locations with the SMARTCLIP Update. Shoot videos in realtime with your Smartphone Camera and update the same immediately on a particular Task. The SMARTCLIP will automatically record the Time and Location of the video capture.

The SMARTCLIP does NOT allow users to access videos from their Smartphone Gallery or the internet, making it fool-proof , tamper-proof and accurate.



BlueFlock App’s Location Update lets you be everywhere at once, in fact, at the precise geographic location your team members are. Get instant updates of your participant’s geo-location and drive context-based decisions. You can share your geo-location or even get your participant’s location on a Task.



Share your inputs on a Task in realtime through this amazingly simple and friendly Update. Doodle, sketch, create your digital signature or scribble your notes by just letting your finger flow freely on the white pad! Task Collaboration made richer, productive and more effective.

Here are a few steps to help you get on to this simple and yet the most powerful Task Collaboration App

Download BlueFlock App

Using your Smartphone, log on to the Application Store: iOS, Android, Windows

Search for BlueFlock App

Tap on Download

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Feature Image

Simple Sign Up

Type in your Name

Select the Country Code of your Mobile Number

Type in your Mobile Number

Take some time to read the the Terms and Conditions of the App use

If you are convinced of our Terms & Conditions, tap the "I agree" button

Tap Submit

Set your Profile

Go to Settings, tap the to the Camera Icon and upload your image

Set password to access the App

Check for the latest update version of the App

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Feature Image

Create New Tasks

Tap on the + symbol to Create a new Task

Enter the Task Subject in as many precise words possible

Set the Due Date to complete the Task

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Invite Participants to a Task

Tap on Participants

Tap on Invite Participants

Tap on Address Book or Recent

Tap to choose people that you would want to invite for the Task

If they are not a BlueFlock App User, send an automated SMS Invite from the Smartphone messaging service, to download the BlueFlock App and participate in the Task

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Collaborate & Update on Tasks

Collaborate on Tasks with more than 25 formats of Content Updates

Pull Documents from third party Cloud Services and Update the same on Task

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Set & Check Status Updates on Tasks

Set the criticality and the phase Status of the Task

Set filters to view Tasks on Criticality, Phase or Time

View differential Timeline Update Views, based on content Update from the Smartphone and the Content Update from the BlueFlock Cloud

More from BlueFlock

Drive Team efficiency, performance and Task profitability. A browser based Cloud Service, The BlueFlock Cloud allows you to create Teams, set Roles for each Team member and define Task & Team member specific parameters to Collect and Collaborate on Data through mobile intuitive electronic forms in realtime, through the BlueFlock App. The BlueFlock Cloud enables a view on all the Task performances and efficiency Analytics in realtime.

Key features of BlueFlock Cloud: Team Builder, Mobile Intuitive Form Builder and Realtime Analytics on Team Performance, Data Collection process and Task Collaboration status.

BlueFlock Cloud
BlueFlock Task Collaboration Cloud Application

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