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Every time I turned to an ERP or BI system for an operational decision, i have been thoroughly disappointed as the data is never real time. This is a common problem in every enterprise today, as today's ERPs were built before the mobility era.

It is a typical misconception that mobility is just an extension to Desktop computing. Mobility is a whole new era of real time computing that will change how people interact with data, things and other people. Mobility requires a whole new thought process of software engineering.

As companies race to leverage real time mobility for their customers they have to understand that the first step to real time customer support is to make their entire operations real time. The CEO's that claim that their SAP or ORACLE systems are real time, need to use apps like UBER to understand what real time is. ERP systems are complex, inflexible and a poor match for real-world business operations.

BlueFlock is a next generation Real Time Enterprise Software which ensures that every employee is free to work from anywhere, at anytime. All data is captured at the point of transaction irrespective of data connectivity. People, process, data and things are all interconnected. Key performance indicators and real time exceptions give you the required insight to take corrective actions in real time rather than hourly, every weekly or monthly.

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